We are the Spiritually Dead ☠️

This may seem extreme to those who haven’t begun the inner work of remembering who they are. Those who are living life with rose colored glasses on, as blameless victims of society, blind to who they really are and left suffering from the pain handed down to us, carrying the sins of our fathers and their fathers too. I have been where you are and am still on this journey of making my way back home.

Please understand that the poem below is not meant to upset anyone. By me telling you parts of my own journey, it is my hope that I am able to stir up a deep remembering within your own soul too, of who you are at your core.

So what made us fall as a society into this very dense world?

What lies have we been told?

And what lies do we still believe?

In what ways have we given away our power by blindly trusting others to lead us, to tell us who we are, what rules we must follow, and how we are to go about living our own lives. How many times have we been told to stop dreaming and to live in the “real world” instead of following our intuition, our own inner guidance?

And what made these “men” think it was okay to brutally rape and attempt to surgically remove our imaginations, taking away what is rightfully ours?

I have not ever really been fond of authority figures. That probably began when I was forced to grow up in a corrupt church that to be honest was more of a cult than anything else. This rebelliousness against authority figures intensified as I got older and into my adulthood years. I did not have much respect for authority figures including those in the church, in schools, or in the workplace. Especially if I can tell their intentions were not pure or for greater good of all. If what was lurking behind them was stemming from a place of greed or an attempt to dominate, overpower or control others or myself, you can be rest assured, I was not one to keep quiet about it. I’ve seen how corrupt these authority figures can be first hand. I’m privy to their bullshit.

Why am I so privy to it? The answer to that question is not one I ever wanted to admit to myself or anyone else for that matter. What I didn’t realize was that I possessed these darker aspects within myself as well. You know those parts of ourselves that we keep hidden deep within our own subconscious minds, the parts of us we would rather die before ever being able to admit their existence deep within our psyche’s.

Yeah, that’s the work most people avoid because, well, it’s a lot easier to live a life blaming others for our faults believing we are merely victims of society rather than actually taking responsibility for dealing with our own inner demons. This is how we free ourselves from the mental prisons we are living in currently. This is the work we came to do when we chose to reincarnate as humans beings living on planet earth at this exact time in history.

It is absolutely vital that we begin this inner journey now! We must face ourselves and our deepest fears head on first and foremost or we will remain lost eternally in this virtual reality version of hell that’s become our present reality here on earth at this very moment in time.

Below is a poem inspired by my own journey into the dark night of the soul. My father died before he was able to accomplish his soul mission. I didn’t realize until 6 years later that when he died, I fell in density with him. I was left to finish his work, to clean up what karma he left behind. I guess I know first hand what “unfinished business” really means now. We carry the sins of our fathers as well as our own until we are able to heal and transmute them all. Yes, this is added on top of our own! Double the work, thanks a lot, dear old dad!

When I learned this, I was angry with him for dying the way he did. That is a story for another day. I love him dearly and I forgive him. I know I am up for the task and I will not let him down, I will not leave him behind! It’s strange, I even said that shortly after he passed, that I would finish what he started. Little did I know what that actually entailed!

We are the spiritually dead ☠️

Asleep like zombies roaming the earth

Empty shells where souls once lived, now lifeless and dim

Always searching for that something to fill the void

The emptiness within

So we feed it with sex, drugs and alcohol

Anything is better then listening to the voices of the monsters that live in our heads

But nothing ever quite satisfies the itch

Do you remember the fall?

When we lost our sight?

Lost our “vision”

Lost our souls

Or did we sell our souls to the devil within

And at what price, father dear?

Our memories wiped clean

Abandoned, with an orphan heart, you left me to clean up your mess, the one you left behind

Spiritual maturity of a 10 year old boy

No wonder life felt much more dense when you left

Separated from our consciousness, our divine families, our oneness, I am you, you are me

Another Fallen society

Left disgraced, we carry like heavy burdens upon our backs the sins of our fathers and the fathers before them as well.

The patriarchy’s lust for power, control and greed

The Roman church, an alien race, maybe both?

I can hardly tell

Either way these old men raped us, defiled us, silenced us

Took away our innocence by cutting out our own hearts

Stripped us of our divine birthright, our inner mysteries, our autonomy, our truth, our gnosis

They forced fed us lies, to live by their rules or “off with our heads”

They even let us believe God killed his only begotten son, by sacrificial suicide nonetheless

The audacity, do you even know what you’ve done?

Do you remember yet?

Did Jesus really live or was it just all just myth, a figment of a child’s imagination, oh, what a gift?!

My advice, question everything

Nothing is as it seems

How many times was the Bible rewritten to serve an imitation church?

To keep us down, they wiped our memories clean, forgetting who we are meant forgetting we are all kings and queens

They murdered our families, our children, burned us at the stake, humiliated us, condemned us

The Mosaic Law even says women who bleed are unclean, and if you come within ten feet, now you are too

Yeah, look it up! I may have embellished a little but it is Mosiac law, he probably embellished a little too!

The shameful madness

Degraded to psych ward status

If I could put up two middle fingers right now I would

Listen here, you old demented fool, you cowardly weak-ass-minded bitch, if it weren’t for us, you wouldn’t even exist!

But I digress

They will never win

And fighting hate with hate is never the answer

But calling them a weak ass bitch was kinda fun to say, I’ll admit :)

Try as they might, our truth will never cease to exist

The whispers heard deep within our souls will remind us and reunite us in mind, body and soul

Do you remember Sophia, the lost goddess, Jesus’s secret lover, the beloved disciple, masked by the church by using the name “John”?

Yeah they rewrote that part

A woman whore as a beloved disciple, that will never do…oh, the fucking nerve!

Are you angry yet??


I was too

Anger is the first step when you begin to re-awaken from your deep slumber

Let it out, let it roar🦁

Don’t suppress it like you’ve been told

Accept it, love it, allow it to speak, finally give it a voice, and go ahead, hug it too!

Wake up Alice

Wake up Mary Magdalene

Wake up Isis

Let us open our hearts, heal our wounds, heal our ancestral trauma passed down to like gifts from many a devils pasts

Let us face our darkness within

Cast light & love upon every aspect, every hidden crevice

Love will always prevail

Give us wisdom, give us courage, give us strength to look within and face ourselves

As we make our journey through the dark night of the soul

Let us remember who we are!!

We are Sovereign beings, and we need no one else to tell us who the fuck we are!

Haven’t they learned yet

They will never win

So our truth will never be lost, for it is deeply carved into the walls of the inner most sacred cave within the chambers of our hearts,

A place they would never have thought to look, being the heartless bastards themselves

Damn the man, damn the Roman church, damn all the asshole cowards who weren’t brave enough to face themselves, damn all the unbalanced patriarchal bullshit and the unbalanced dark mother herself

Let us all rise up, purified, resurrected and reborn anew

Just like Jesus and Sophia

Mythical creatures within our imaginations

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

See, even Albert Einstein knew!

Let us save ourselves

Let us be our own heroes

Let us all return back to love

For love is the only real truth ❤️

Please keep in mind that our historical myths and children’s fables hold hidden secret truths of who we really are at our core. But they are not meant to be taken so literal or as is.

Just as our dreams are often riddled with symbols and metaphors, mythical and spiritual symbolism is a language in and of its own. If you study this, it will all begin to make sense. You will begin to awaken from your slumber.

You will begin to remember who you are!

Archetypes and avatars are meant to help us remember how to complete our journey back home. This is not a journey we can go on with just our minds or with logic alone.

Close your eyes and follow the yellow brick road of your own imagination to the inner most depths of your soul.

Allow yourself to feel, sense, and play in order to reawaken your inner most mysteries. While the journey isn’t always 100% pleasant, make the commitment to yourself to stay with it. Do not allow yourself to quit prematurely! Do not give up on yourself! You are so worthy! You are so deeply loved! This is your divine birthright! Wake up to who you really are and what you are truly capable of!

What lies just around the corner, after what may seem like a massive uphill battle, is a life more beautiful than your own imagination could ever possibly dream up!

All my love to you along the way! Muah!



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